New Hope Ministries Class of 2012

On June 4, New Hope Ministries held its first ever graduation ceremony for its Class of 2012. These individuals achieved something special: They committed to a 16 week GED (General Education Development) preparation class held at New Hope, and recently passed the GED test. One other person did pass… [read more]
Thank You

Spring Challenge was a success!

Our annual Spring Challenge was a success, and every donation (cash and food) that New Hope received through April 30th will be matched with a proportionate share of a $1 Million Challenge Grant offered through The Feinstein Foundation. Whether financial support or food, your gift will bless and impact… [read more]
Christmas Blessings

Christmas Blessings Express

This Christmas, more than 500 families in our community exchanged gifts, thanks to New Hope’s Christmas Blessings Express program. These same families also enjoyed an abundant Christmas dinner. New Hope is able to bless our neighbors in need at Christmas, and throughout the year, thanks to those who bless us.… [read more]
Delivery From Tractor Trailer Driver

Tractor Trailer Driver Offers Large Donation

In early November, a tractor trailer driver stopped by our Mechanicsburg West Shore Center with a unique dilemma: a local grocery retailer was unable to accept the delivery, and the truck driver needed to empty the truck. Because we now have the capability to accept perishable and large quantity food… [read more]